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ARRK Pool is a single Cardano stake pool operator that aims to maximize rewards from Cardano's Ouroboros protocol while researching efficient methods for future stake pool operators. Our mission is to grow and secure the Cardano ecosystem by encouraging diversified stake pool operations. We will be documenting and video recording different methods of stake pool operations and sharing our research and methods through this website and other online social media platforms with those who wish to become Cardano stake pool operators. Click on the stake pools to see what we're up to.

ARRK Pool's 1.5% margin goes directly towards pledging to help secure the network.

Current Projects


Get onboard with how to videos HERE.

Texas Cardano

Connect with Texas Cardano community HERE.

Projects under development


Moble Staking


Emergency Cloud Backup


Off Grid


Truly Sunday policyID: 4099a6befe85148e8de12c1802bc867f91426e57774b2491ab0f2094

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For more informaion on how to stake with us or just need help getting started with a Cardano Stake Pool, send us a message here.

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